Episode 8

Published on:

12th Mar, 2021

Episode 7

Published on:

26th Feb, 2021

Episode 6

Published on:

5th Feb, 2021

Episode 5

Published on:

22nd Jan, 2021

Episode 4

Published on:

11th Dec, 2020

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Jay's World
A look into the trending topics inside a college professor's head. Jay's World features subject matter from sports, business, education and relationship. His guest are from varying industries in all walks of life.
Jay Gilmore is a college professor and the podcast features trending topics in his head. He'll have guests from all walks of life. It'll feature insight from various industry professionals, including Educators, Athletes, Business Leaders and Entertainers, and regular people tacking everyday topics.

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Jay Gilmore

Jay Gilmore is an experienced Broadcast Journalist. He currently teaches Journalism at the University of Memphis. He's covered sports all of his career and now he's stepping into the podcast world.